Business Solution

Asset Management - Systematic asset management solution to regulate functional capability

The secure and carefree Asset Management Solution from AdlER manages your assets across its complete life cycle. The solution gives you control over assets, helping to extend asset life, lower maintenance costs, streamline audits, and inspections and calculate depreciation.

The end-to-end Asset management solution automates the tracking of any assets like furniture, IT equipment, and Office equipment. From planning and acquisition to disposal and replacement, the solution calculates the lifespan and makes tracking assets incredibly simple. It enables businesses to maximize their return on investment (RoI) from each asset.

The key to successful asset tracking is the real-time visibility which can be achieved through only an effective asset management solution. The customizable AdlER’s Asset Management solution streamlines workflow and helps employees work more efficiently and productively. Asset management helps your organization to increase productivity.

It is true that better asset tracking leads to better business performance. AdlER Asset Management solution helps you to plan an efficient and practical maintenance program for any equipment, make decisions about servicing and replacement, and ensures that the organization secures the best performance and maximum longevity from its assets.

AdlER Asset Management has an integrated mobile application, ASTYS. The asset tracking app, for both iOS and Android devices, makes it easy to track and manage asset by scanning the barcodes using your mobile device. The AdlER Asset Management solution fully integrates with your organization’s further functions like facility management, network monitoring, and more.

Few of the major Features

  • Asset updates, tracking, and management

  • Asset history and visibility

  • Asset location and status

  • Custom notification

  • Action history

  • Warranty information

  • User manuals and photos

  • Workflow support

  • Reporting

  • Role-based access

  • Data security

  • Emails and custom notifications

  • Dashboard

  • End-to-end