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Education - Comprehensive educational management to guarantee security and ease of administration

AdlER’s education management solution works as an integrated software solution for all kinds of educational institutions. The customizable, off-the-shelf educational institution management software integrates information and operational processes within and beyond the organization’s boundary. AdlER Educational Management system brings different stakeholders of an educational institution environment into a unified platform. The scalable portal interface extends the applicable functions of the school to parents and students so that they can access the required information online.

The educational Institution Management software from AdlER is developed to boost education and training in educational institutions. The solution automates every activity of schools right from admission to student management, to library, canteen, transportation, examination, academics and so much more. AdlER educational module saves administrators and teachers on time-consuming administrative tasks and allows them to be more creative to improve their respective outputs. It ensures seamless cooperation between school and parent and from one-on-one communication with teachers to real-time tracking of their child’s transport to and from school.

Implementing AdlER educational solution in an organization enhances the performance of students and teachers alike. The solution offers cashless payment solution by which parents can maintain a pre-paid wallet in school through a student’s ID card for any purchase inside the school. AdlER educational management software can determine the identity of a school as it could deliver all the associated tasks. It can even provide the facility and access to parents for an aerial view of the progress of their children in the classroom.

To be a leading educational institution excelling in developing students to become competent, creative, committed, and compassionate individuals, the institutions must keep themselves up with the latest and advanced tools that simplify the entire education system. The solution supports complete integration with any specific academic or curriculum-based solution or third-party software.

Few of the major Features


  • Students registration and admission management
  • Class/grade allocation
  • Front office management
  • Fleet management and students tracking
  • Library management
  • Reports
  • Database backup
  • Students report cards
  • Canteen management
  • Counselling and health
  • School administration management
  • Dashboard
  • End-To-End
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Examination management
  • Students information and academic progress management