Business Solution

Equipment Rental - A complete equipment rental management solution to extend quality business support

AdlER Equipment Rental solution is designed to meet the demands of equipment rental industry. The comprehensive software solution helps to streamline rental processes, and to maximize utilization of equipment and reduce downtime. AdlER Equipment rental software helps to gain insights into your equipment rental business and supports to engage in an increasingly competitive space while also lowering costs and improving ROI. It allows you to gain complete visibility of your rental assets so that you can maximize utilization and minimize costs.

AdlER supports all kinds of rental industries like construction and tool rental, AV and production rentals, party and events rentals, IT rentals, and sport rentals. AdlER Equipment rental software allows you to understand your business in a whole new light with better controls and KPI monitoring. It keeps you more efficient with the ability to act quickly on real time data.

The solution is feature packed, affordable, and easy to use. AdlER equipment rental solution offers the functionality to track equipment location, booking status, and availability to streamline the rental operations. The vital information of each equipment like their pricing, and availability makes it easy to organize any rentals effortlessly.

AdlER makes your workforce and business processes the most productive it can be. With AdlER’s equipment rental solution, it is possible to eliminate time wasted rekeying information or trying to find important documentation stored in filing cabinets. With AdlER, everything you need is always at your fingertips.

Few of the major Features

  • Rental order management

  • Rental booking and scheduling

  • Rental agreement preparation

  • Rental assets and Inventory management

  • Equipment check-ins and checkouts

  • Real time equipment tracking

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Machine Services

  • Meter reading/machine usage updation

  • Quoting and Invoicing

  • End-to-end

  • Dashboard

  • Reports

  • Third-party integration