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Finance and Accounting - Consistent finance and accounting management solution to conquer expense tracking

AdlER’ Finance and accounting management functions as an end-to-end solution that improves business performance and increases financial efficiency while reducing back-office cost. The solution transforms your organization’s ledger books and reports into a digital resource that enables you to meet your unique business needs.

The solution gives flexibility and visibility, real-time reporting data, and enhanced audit trials. It optimizes receivables and accelerate cash flows with total control. The solution allows you to handle payroll and custom invoices, while incorporating your business banking account into your cash flow. The real-time access allows you to get details quickly to solve delays in generating statements, reports, and disclosures.

AdlER Finance and Accounting solution supports fixed asset management, including maintenance schedule, while providing accounting integration so that the asset information is always obtained. The solution enables you to see profit and loss statements as well as trial balance by documenting all expenditures. Linking your banking account to the solution offers businesses with real-time perceptibility of the economic health of your company.

AdlER Finance and Accounting is a complete solution that centralizes, streamlines, and simplifies your organization’s fiscal data. Businesses can better monitor money owed, paying due dates, as well as remaining balances and bills with the solution. The solution can be integrated with third party systems.

Few of the major Features

  • Financial year settings and year-end procedure

  • Accounts management

  • Multi-currency settings

  • Chart of accounts

  • Credit customers

  • Profit center management

  • Multiple divisions

  • Account mapping

  • Bank account linking

  • Sales posting

  • Debit and credit notes

  • Journal, contra, receipts, and payments

  • Supplier payment request

  • Customer letter of credit (LC) and bank guarantee updation

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Sales cheque posting

  • Petty cash related reports

  • General ledger

  • Budget management

  • Post-dated cheque received and issued

  • Payable and receivable aging

  • Day book

  • Balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow

  • Trial balance

  • Profit and loss account

  • Fixed asset management

  • Ratio analysis report

  • End-to-end

  • Dashboard

  • Third-party integration