Business Solution

Integrated Facility Management - Streamlined facility management solution to reduce maintenance costs

Turn the laborious task of facility management into an effortless job by adapting to a modern facility management tool. AdlER Facility Management is an advanced and integrated solution to make your business hassle free regarding the management of infrastructure, assets, and service staff. It supports your organization to get critical insights into how to better administer and optimize every aspect of your facilities.

AdlER Facility Management Solution is an end-to-end program to improve the functioning of the built environment by integrating people, place, process, and technology into a single platform. It unifies the services, ensuring you the control and accountability. The solution is completely flexible to track, share, and report on equipment maintenance and facility management.

The holistic solution can track service support in housekeeping, electrical, plumbing, A/c, firefighting, Carpentry, civil work etc. in your organization. You can trace the complete facility life cycles – from ordering items to schedule preventive maintenance for the future – and keep track of service requests.

AdlER Facility Management offers a dashboard with real-time insights to help you make quick and better decisions and allows greater transparency over operations to streamline process and maximize revenue.

Few of the major Features

  • CapEx pre-estimation

  • Project expense estimation

  • Customer order management

  • Budgeting

  • Employee mobilization and demobilization registers

  • Employee time sheet

  • Material Indent

  • Delivery Note

  • Invoicing

  • Revenue forecast

  • Customer revenue recognition

  • Material return

  • Material return request

  • Equipment and equipment rate management

  • Reports

  • End-to-end

  • Dashboard