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Inventory Management - Effective inventory management to oversee warehouses and back order

AdlER inventory Management module functions as an end-to-end solution to manage the inventory a business currently has in storage, ensuring that it always have the right quantities of the right item in the right location at the right time. AdlER inventory management module is packed with thoughtful features to streamline a business’s daily processes for a successful management and control of the inventory.

Finding how much stock to have on hand should be the goal of any successful and viable inventory management plan. The inventory management module helps you to organize your products with images, categories, and prices. The solution provides you reports of best-selling items, total sales, and total taxes.

Inventory mismanagement can lead to revenue losses. Ordering too much product results in higher costs, including storage and ware housing, and losses due to obsolescence, shrinkage, and deterioration of products and this often results in selling at a loss or at least reducing revenue from the anticipated amount.

AdlER inventory management is not simply tracking of what a business has in the warehouse instead it is a well-balanced solution with modular features. It works by tracking products, stock on hand, production, and sales to ensure that stock is used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

It better organizes and maintains an optimum inventory based on stock analysis. The solution helps you to reduce the amount of inventory that companies must keep on hand while improving order accuracy.

Stay ahead of back orders, when it is time to fill up your inventory, the solution alerts you. The AdlER inventory module also seamlessly integrates with other modules and third-party software to help you streamline and manage your entire business in real time.

Few of the major Features

  • Material / product requisition note

  • Real-time stock value tracking

  • Sales tracking

  • Quotation management

  • Purchase monitoring

  • Warehouse management

  • Orders management

  • Items tracking

  • Barcode generation and scanning

  • Order fulfilment

  • Material transfer

  • Stock card management

  • Back order management

  • Reordering

  • Bill of materials

  • End-to-end

  • Reporting and alerts

  • Third-party integration