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Outsourcing Services - Strategic outsourcing management solution to back up business growth

AdlER Outsourcing Service Management (OSM) solution manages the complete business processes of outsourcing services. AdlER OSM supports your organization, right from dealing with the enquiry to outsourcing proposals, getting work orders and contract, handling resource deployment, and to managing the distributed labor. The solution ensures your outsourcing initiative succeeds and helps your business to streamline the process.

Managing multiple outsourcing teams can be a challenge for many organizations, especially in communication, collaboration, information sharing and productivity. The end-to-end AdlER OSM solution solves the issues with custom dashboards and workflows to update the processes. It helps to manage teams by keeping track of project progress and tasks.

Whether you plan to outsource a specific business process or a subset of your business, outsourcing service requires a high level of coordination between in-house and outsourced team. AdlER OSM helps businesses coordinate multiple outsourcing teams using real-time reporting and collaboration tools that help IT, HR, and finance teams to keep the company on track.

To implement AdlER’s Outsourcing solution, your organization does not need any significant resource or technical skill. The automated OSM potentially reduces your efforts while giving you complete control over every aspect of your outsourced team. AdlER OSM supports various industries like Banking, customer service, facility management, security service, hospitality and so on.

The AdlER OSM integrates contracts and agreements with real-time tracking and manages workflows, budgets and resources, and organizes approvals. The service also supports invoicing and payments across the outsourced team. With the help of AdlER’s cost-effective and innovative OSM solution, outsourcing can be widely manageable to any business to raise their productivity.

Few of the major Features

  • Enquiry proposals and management

  • Work orders and contract

  • Workflow approval

  • Resource deployment

  • Employee mobilization and de-mobilization

  • Transportation and logistics

  • Trade test register

  • Employee time sheet

  • Camp Allocation

  • Rejection and complaints register

  • Risk management

  • Invoicing

  • Receivables

  • Client relationship management

  • Monitoring and tracking

  • Daily Reporting

  • Dashboard

  • End-to-end

  • Third-party integration