Business Solution

Procurement SCM - Automated procurement management to spend more strategically

AdlER procurement module is capable of managing the entire workflow of purchasing along with keeping track of distributors, clients, and suppliers. It offers absolute control over budgets and useful relationship with suppliers while allowing your team, clients, and partners purchase all their supply through a single platform.

The end-to-end AdlER procurement management solution centralizes the purchasing, invoicing, and documentation process, which can heighten the productivity of your organization. It consolidates and automates the process of purchasing materials and restocking inventory.

The AdlER Procurement Management solution also gives better visibility to your expenses and management, finding unnecessary payments or fake outlay in the process. The solution provides businesses the ability to manage invoicing and documentation and establish automated workflows to streamline the operations. AdlER Purchase Management has more extensive reporting tools and supports third-party integration.

Businesses without a comprehensive procurement strategy and usable software solutions are at risk for poor quality or fraudulent sourcing, budget overruns due to unnecessary man-hours, and unacceptable costs associated with those risks.

The effective purchase management solution executes appropriate purchase policies of your organization because buyers always consider how flexible and adaptable the workflows, documentation, and other functions are in your organization before extending their support.

Few of the major Features

  • Purchase budgets

  • Purchase request (PRQ) and requisition management

  • Quotation management

  • Suppliers offer updates and comparison

  • Supplier order management

  • Order status update and cancellation

  • Material requisition and management

  • Price agreements

  • Cost calculations

  • PO acknowledgements

  • Supplier payment request

  • Freight forwarders

  • Internal delivery note

  • Purchase updating and return

  • Letter of credit (LC) management

  • Letter of indent

  • Bank guarantee

  • Showroom management

  • Reports

  • End-to-end

  • Dashboard

  • Third-party integration