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Production - Outstanding production management solution with shop floor control to advance productivity

AdlER Production Management is an ideal solution for pre- and post-production planning and materials management in your organization. The solution offers features to prevent unnecessary downtime and increases manufacturing competence, quality, and profit margins.

AdlER’s Production management includes features to plan, schedule, monitor, manage, analyze, and report on the production process from end-to-end, giving you real-time visibility and control over your entire production supply chain. The tailor-made solution has powerful shop floor functionality to track and manage each step of the manufacturing process.

The end-to-end solution gives real-time production and process monitoring to improve productivity and lower costs. The solution allows you to deal with your business around the clock with its better features that give enhanced visibility into labor, materials, inventory, and scheduling.

AdlER Production Management supports service and manufacturing industries. It helps you to balance production with material supply and you can cut costs and speed up growth. The solution gives you control over all phases of production planning and material management. It simplifies processes, reduces wait, and improves profitability. The flexible solution helps you to build a reliable brand in your industry by bringing products to market faster and meeting customer expectations for quality and on-time delivery.

Few of the major Features

  • Activity monitoring

  • Planning and scheduling

  • Bills of Material

  • Capacity, labor, and material requirements planning

  • Work orders

  • Manufacturing traceability

  • Production scheduling

  • Production reporting

  • Tools management

  • Quality and compliance

  • Shop floor control

  • Notification

  • Dashboard

  • End-to-end

  • Third-party integration