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Project Management - Advanced project management solution to achieve goals on time

In the current market, project scheduling applications are so many, but the vast majority of these are built based on templates and too generic to meet the specific needs of individual businesses. As a result, skilled and experienced managers struggle most of the time to deliver projects on time and on budget. You might be asking for trouble if your system is not up to the task of budget control at a sub-component level. It follows that your software must be capable of breaking down your total scope of work into sub-components.

There is a growing demand from project managers for full-fledged project management solutions that provide a continuous view of customer demand and fulfillment across the project delivery chain – starting from your suppliers and ending with error-free and on-time delivery. An end-to-end approach is becoming more and more significant against a backdrop of dynamically changing client expectations. Hence, you need an agile ERP solution that straddles the entire project, providing coverage across processes like project planning, scheduling, costing, and budget management.

AdlER Project Management is an end-to-end project management solution designed to meet the manifold requirements of project management teams. You can benefit from real-time visibility across the length and breadth of all your projects for better control of project costs. This also translates into faster delivery, better project completion rates and, most importantly, happier customers.

With AdlER Project Management Software in place, you can access your project information from anywhere; your office, home, or while on the go. It doesn’t matter what device you are on: Smart phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Regardless of your device, you can enjoy a consistent browsing experience. The net effect is that you are going to get a much better grasp of how your projects are panning out and straighten out any issue that might possibly crop up.

AdlER Project Management Software can pull live data from across projects and deliver the information your project managers need at their fingertips. This gives them a better and more accurate understanding of projects, in turn, helping them to make more informed decisions that eliminate irrelevant costs and improve profits.

Few of the major Features

  • Enquiry Registration

  • Estimate/ quotation preparation

  • Bid/ no bid assessment

  • Letter of indent

  • Contract Register

  • Customer Order

  • Job cost analysis

  • Project budgets

  • Activity budgets

  • Stagewise budgets

  • Project Team

  • Define payment terms

  • BOQ preparation

  • BOQ planning

  • Purchase Planning

  • Manpower allocation posting

  • Employee Timesheets

  • Employee cost allocations

  • Common overheads allocation

  • Project allocation

  • Integration with GL

  • Purchase planning

  • Purchase posting

  • Material Receipts

  • Material indents

  • Store issues

  • Material returns

  • Inter project stock transfer

  • Project invoicing

  • Stage wise invoicing

  • Project Closure

  • Advance/ part payments

  • Retention accounting

  • Project status report

  • Project profitability report

  • Revenue recognition

  • Activity wise project progress