Business Solution

Property Management - Reliable property management solution to modernize and automate real estate business

AdlER Property Management functions as a real estate management solution specially designed for property managers who want to modernize, automate, and boom their business. AdlER Property Management module offers a broad range of advanced features, simplifying the management of commercial buildings, and leased and rented properties.

AdlER Property Management solution streamlines and automates the day-to-day activities of landlords, property owners and managers. The core functionality of property management software revolves around the management of real estate, either in terms of physical space, tenants, leasing, or accounting. Property management software supports a variety of residential and commercial property types and can scale up or down, depending on property portfolio size.

The Solution allows you to monitor lease expirations, rent reviews and break clauses, with automated notifications for key dates, to ensure that critical deadlines are not overlooked. They can track and handle leads, opportunities, site visits, agents, brokerage costs, proposals, validities, confirmation, availability of real estate stock and status of each sale in the finalization phase, and so on.

AdlER property management digitalizes and automate your processes and increases efficiency. The system is highly configurable, allowing you to create personal views and alerts based upon your unique user profile. AdlER set yourself apart with unmatched service excellence and ensures that you can easily organize your workload and categorize it by site, area or priority as required.

Few of the major Features

  • Property register

  • Resident and lease management

  • Document storage

  • Maintenance tracking

  • Data security

  • Client payment reminders

  • Tenant communications

  • Viewing and booking requests

  • Track rent revenue, bills, payment delinquency, and unit vacancy

  • Leasing and invoicing

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Schedule move in and move out dates

  • Accounting and reporting

  • Dashboard

  • End-to-end

  • Third-party integration