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Trading - Powerful trading management to optimize sales and increase ROI

AdlER ERP for Trading is a feature-rich, highly configurable solution to manage all functional activities of trading businesses. The solution merges inventory, sales, purchases, and customer processes to streamline your business operations.

The end-to-end, AdlER ERP for Trading, solution simplifies the procedures relating to purchasing and vendor management, enabling users to store and access data with ease and simplicity. The trading solution supports businesses with a complete suite to manage sales, purchases, logistics, inventory, customers, stock transfers, and billing and collection, etc. It can work as a centralized support by coordinating every trading function from a single database.

AdlER ERP for Trading improves visibility and elevates the business with access to real-time information. The solution understands the typical complexities of trading management and makes it easier for businesses to have a well-balanced inventory.

To run a profitable business in today’s marketplace, you need an industry specific, fully integrated ERP Trading software that provides you with extensive reporting and data visibility. By using the efficient, AdlER ERP for Trading, you can solve current trading challenges as it can help you analyse your business processes and to make quicker and smarter decisions. AdlER ERP for Trading integrates with the finance and accounts functions of AdlER Core licences to provide complete financial reports and dash boards from a single platform.

Few of the major Features

  • Requirement planning

  • Asset and inventory management

  • Order management

  • Detailed supplier/service provider database

  • Purchase contracts management

  • Quality inspection of goods

  • Goods importation

  • Quotation management

  • Process automation

  • Billing and payments management

  • Real-time budget

  • Invoicing

  • Reports

  • End-to-end

  • Dashboards

  • Third-party integration