Business Solution

Transportation - Cost-effective road transportation management with route optimization and real-time monitoring

AdlER’s Transportation Management is a versatile solution to manage any kind of road transport services. The solution considers all relevant information of a transport such as loading and unloading times, vehicle characteristics, driving, rest times and customers preferences and suggestions.

The end-to-end AdlER’s Transportation Management solution provides a dashboard to keep track of your vehicles, orders, and route. The solution offers route automation and optimization to reduce fuel costs, transport costs, and emissions. It reduces the planning time, and you can be relieved of recurring planning tasks instead focus on your business.

The optimally loaded vehicle ensures an improved utilization of your fleet. AdlER’s transport management solution allows you to see which vehicles are available and which orders have been completed. You can also maximize vehicle utilization by combining deliveries and collection.

Route planning and scheduling gets complicated as the order volume and vehicles at your disposal increase. The solution generates routes based on truck size, consignment, and driver experience for better safety and compliancy to service hours and national laws. It helps you to create reports that enable you to make strategic decisions.

AdlER’s transportation solution helps you to improve delivery performance and punctuality, and thereby meet customer satisfaction. You can inform the customers automatically and in real time about the estimated time of arrival of their deliveries. It facilitates transparency throughout the entire process and boost customer satisfaction. The solution supports complete integration with third-party service providers.

Few of the major Features

  • Vehicle allocation

  • Vehicle documents

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Vehicle penalty

  • Transporting request

  • Delivery note

  • Meter reading

  • Material transfer note

  • Vehicle timesheet

  • Invoice

  • End-to-end

  • Dashboard

  • Third-party integration