AdlER HR Self Service

Bringing more speed and urgency to the human resources organization – at no extra efforts.

Employee self-service made easy

In order to thrive in a competitive market, not only individuals, but even businesses must also narrow down their field of activity to what they are truly good at. Organizations do know that talent is the oil that keeps business running profitably. Ideally, the HR Department team must spend most of their time on core functions like recruiting, developing, training and retaining their most valuable assets, which is nothing but employees. But in many organizations’ routine transactions like leave, salary, exit permits, travel, accommodation etc. consume a significant amount of time for both employees and HR team members. As a result, HR team often find themselves stretched beyond capacity. By providing lot of flexibility for every employee to access information and initiate transactions in a paperless environment, AdlER HR Self-Service tool takes a lot of pressure off your employees and HR team, so they can apply their mind on their work and long-term HR planning.

AdlER HR ESS is a employee self service mobile app providing flexibility to the employees of the organization to handle all HR related request and approvals. For today’s HR professionals, technology is proving an excellent tool to store employees. A modern ESS software system can generate remarkable benefits for both employees and employers. AdlER HR ESS allows employees to inquire, submit requests, and have access and process their data themselves and initiate personnel processes.

AdlER HR Employee Self Service is built to support employees in carrying out most of their requests to HR department by themselves. AdlER ESS is intended to empower the employees with the freedom to access their records and payroll details and to help them to take more responsibility for their job and development of the organization. Built on the foundation of AdlER ERP technology, the flexible, web based ESS software system can agree with any modern definition of an Employee Self Service Software System.

Modern employee self-service system like AdlER ESS is a convenient workspace, where the employees can place their leave requests, view salary statements, plan holidays, change address and manage other personal information including, bank account, and emergency contacts without any HR person’s involvement. It gives employees a good deal of freedom, self-determination, and flexibility. AdlER HR ESS enables all staff to learn about company policies and access documentation without taking up the time of Managers and HR consultant.

With Employee Self Service, employees will have access to their own personal data and records, so they can keep it up-to-date and resolve any queries and carry out simple tasks such as request holidays, change their address, and complete appraisal forms. Two options are available for the AdlER ESS App as AdlER ESS Basic and AdlER ESS Standard based on the functionalities available. Organizations can subscribe the app based on their number of employees and their level of business.

AdlER Human Resource Self-Service lets your employees access relevant HR data in office, while on the road, or from the comfort of their homes, no matter what device they use: PC, laptop, or smartphone. They can see the status of their ticket (approved, in process, etc.) at every single stage. And because it is web-based, AdlER HR ESS help the HR function move fast and with increased urgency. Besides saving money and time, it reduces your paperwork, saves trees, and minimizes our environmental impact. The self-service application is tightly integrated with your enterprise ERP and helps capture all your HR data at one place, eliminating redundant data entry and serving as a “single point of truth” for users.