ADLER ERP on Cloud enables you to get a 360-degree view of your business.

An intelligible ERP for all your business functions

The winning edge is very critical for any organization in today’s business world which has become very competitive. For an effective output, an ERP framework should flawlessly merge information from one department to another and should address the needs of the organization to reduce costs, improve overall customer service, enhance company performance and facilitate growth. AdlER-i  does exactly this and ensures that core functions including financials, human resources, sales, procurement and inventory management and reporting systems are dynamically improved.

AdlER-i is an integrated enterprise resource planning application framework designed specifically to meet the operational needs of single or multiple companies, small to large sized organizations. With well covered and extended functionalities, excellent user interfaces and rapid implementation cycle, AdlER-i provides a comprehensive solution with low total cost of ownership. AdlER-i  is flexible, mature, feature- rich and fully integrated business information system that helps you take control of all your business needs.

AdlER-i provides a fully integrated business process framework that has all industry standards and best practices built in its functionalities. AdlER implementation team starts off with a detailed system study and process mapping at your site and interacts with the stake holders. The AdlER-i framework can be customized for any specific process requirements and the customization flexibility of AdLER-i assures that the users can go live with a short training process. AdlER-i supports multi company transactions in all modules.

The hierarchy can be set as a holding company and divisions under the same. MIS reports can be generated for the group as well as for the individual companies. The MIS reports and dashboards of AdlER stands out as effective control mechanisms for business owners. AdlER-i mobile app in multiple variants and HR ESS (Employee Self Service) are the latest additional features that is available for the enterprise level users. Available as cloud hosted and on premises versions, AdlER-i can address the business situations of small sized companies with single location user to corporate with multi location users.

With the capability to couple with SQL database, AdlER provides one of the best suitable ERP frameworks for small to large scale organizations with the latest technology available. The state-of-the-art relational database ensures extensive functionality and high performance for multiple business verticals. AdlER’s superior functionality, built in practices, complete integration, unparalleled customer support, seamless implementation and mobile accessibility allows you to stay up to date giving you an edge over your competitors.

More than an off-the shelf system, the customization flexibility of AdlER-i at the client’s request, allows them to optimize the operational efficiency of the organization. We incorporate regular enhancements into the core AdlER-i system, eliminating any trouble while applying future versions or maintenance releases. AdlER-i promises to stay on the forefront of technology so that the performance of AdlER-i exceeds the customers’ expectations. AdlER-i is available as Microsoft Azure hosted version or can be implemented on-premises on the client’s data center.

AdlER-i has three variants as Basic, Standard, and Enterprise. AdlER Basic is meant for small scale companies with less than 50 employees and which has single line of Business. AdlER Standard is best suitable for medium sized businesses who have multiple business lines which are managed in a centralized or decentralized manner. AdlER Enterprise is the premium solution suitable for enterprise level organizations with multiple business houses and subdivisions. Consolidations are possible at different levels based on the organizational structure. The solution provides high level of scalability, customization flexibility and on top of all, an end-to-end enterprise level solution suitable for the business.