AdlER ERP software is for any organization who wants to integrate various business processes and consolidate multiple software tools into a single system.


AdlER-i has three variants as Basic, Standard, and Enterprise. AdlER Basic is meant for small scale companies with less than 50 employees and which has single line of Business. AdlER Standard is best suitable for medium sized businesses who have multiple business lines which are managed in a centralized or decentralized manner. AdlER Enterprise is the premium solution suitable for enterprise level organizations with multiple business houses and subdivisions. Consolidations are possible at different levels based on the organizational structure. The solution provides high level of scalability, customization flexibility and on top of all, an end-to-end enterprise level solution suitable for the business.


AdlER-Lite simplifies business complexity and benefits your organization by streamlining and integrating tasks in all facets of your business. The solution has out of the box features and a range of the most popular ERP modules like Finance, Procurement, SOP, and Admin. This comprehensive small business solution provides everything you require to improve efficiency and real-time business insights. AdlER-Lite is designed with multiple user functionalities for small and medium enterprises to boost and grow your business to the next level.


The business processes are evolving rapidly, and modernization and technological development is the only way to stay on top of the competition. As you would expect from a mobile ERP, it was designed with a mobile-user-first mindset. AdlER Mobile app offers encrypted communication and secure gateway. By allowing the information to be available at the location where it occurs, you can make decisions with immediate results and impact. AdlER Mobile is incredibly useful to reach out to your business at any point of time.

AdlER HR Self Service

AdlER Human Resource Self-Service lets your employees access relevant HR data in office, while on the road, or from the comfort of their homes, no matter what device they use: PC, laptop, or smartphone. They can see the status of their ticket (approved, in process, etc.) at every single stage. And because it is web-based, AdlER HR ESS help the HR function move fast and with increased urgency. Besides saving money and time, it reduces your paperwork, saves trees, and minimizes our environmental impact. The self-service application is tightly integrated with your enterprise ERP and helps capture all your HR data at one place, eliminating redundant data entry and serving as a “single point of truth” for users.